Ecclesial Design Gallery

Working with the Catholic Education Office of South Australia we were commissioned to design, document and deliver five new buildings for five separate schools.

The building works consisted of clusters of integrated classrooms; new admin facilities; new information technology resource centre and library; new gymnasium and performing arts c

Image gallerys of these projects are shown below.

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Stella Maris

Founded by the Samaritan sisters over 50 years ago the local catholic parish primary school, Stella Maris is rapidly becoming the catholic face of the community

The transparency and welcoming nature of the community is reflected in the light and generous entrance which provides access into the heart of the school. A shared gathering space becomes a connecting point shared between the liturgical and educational arms of the one catholic community.

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St Martin de Porres

Built in the heart of the school, the new multi-purpose hall and canteen provides a perfect natural connection between the original courtyard heart of the school and the newer western wing that has developed as the school community has grown.

St Francis of Assisi

Crafted to reflect the unique location of the school with the backdrop of the surrounding hills, the new gymnasium provides a natural interface between the educational hub of the school and the extensive playing fields beyond.

The new building incorporates a new school canteen and café area that links both the new gym and the school plaza formed by the building itself.

St Monica’s

Shared knowledge, shared space and a common love of learning are what is emphasized in the new infill building on this tight metropolitan site.

Nestled between two square two storey blocks of classrooms the new library space connects the school using innovative relationships between the various internal spaces both horizontally and vertically.

A central atrium with curved roof covers the heart of the school while the curved glass facades to the front and rear provide a delicate counterpoint to the hard edged buildings on either side.

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Our Lady of the Visitation

Providing a presence for the school and catholic community along this main road was a consideration in identifying and locating the new community hall and classrooms at OLOV primary school.

The building forms a direct connection with the adjacent church providing a common space for both the school and the parish.

A large front verandah to ensure the building welcomes these communities to share the space. The services, amenities and storage zone of the building provides a visual core from which spring two transparent wings that are clothed by the elegant roof structure that hovers over the two wings as outstretched arms over both the new classroom wing and the new multi-purpose hall.

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