Residential Care

When planning residential care facilities we do not forget the dignity of the residents and their desire to maintain their former lifestyle. We provide beautiful buildings with open community spaces and ample parking areas for family and friends when visiting, while offering spacious residential areas that are easy to live in.

St Joseph’s House, Nursing Home

80 bed refurbishment and extension in three stages,

Project constraints include working around the existing 70 bed high care, low care and dementia residents.

Miroma Nursing Home, Daw Park

New 80 bed facility built in two stages to transfer existing residents.

Padman health care insisted that minimal disruption was paramount for the wellbeing of their existing high care dementia residents.

Hahndorf Nursing Home

The new development added a net total of 2000 square meters of new floor area and involved internal renovation and refurbishment to the existing facilities.

The new wing is located with generous setbacks from all boundaries to ‘wrap’ the landscaping around the building allowing residents views of trees, shrubs and sky, and is well screened from neighbouring properties.

‘The principle consideration has been to provide residential accommodation that meets both State and Federal legislative requirements, including ‘outcome standards’ as administered by the ‘Standards Monitoring Team’ and Occupational Health and Safety Standards for both residents and employed staff.

A major consideration was to provide living and bedrooms that accord with the current expectations of the Home’s residents, relatives and friends, and that these facilities afford all, privacy, dignity and enhance their general well-being in daily living arrangements.